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Security Services


3.1 Ensure Security, Order and Safety:

- Ensure security 24h/day-7 days/week.

- Protect property from damage or do harm intentionally.

- Protect property from stealing caused from inside and outside.

- Regularly check equipment of fire prevention.

- Protect everyone from accident and casualty.

- Efficient help to minimize the losses on property by fire accident, flood or dangerous disaster.


3.2 Benefit on decreasing cost of business production:

- Property is used in accordance with purpose, capacity, minimize on water, electricity and waste material use.

- Improve the working capacity of employee.

- Prevent customer from the damages on property, human, brand name, prestigate…


3.3, Reduce the cost of workforce, include:

§     The cost of recruitment, training.

§     The cost of direct, undirect management.

§     The cost of clothing, support tools, office supplies…

§     The cost of salary and allowances of salary.

§     The regulations of social welfare, Social insurance-Health.

§     Chi phí làm việc ngoài giờ, tiền làm đêm, lễ tết.

§     The cost of part-time work, work at nigh, holiday.

§     The regulations of increasing salary, seniority

§     Severance pay, leave employment, labor accident, pregnancy, leave


3.4, Advise on protection forms:

- Being advised, supported freely and quickly on professional security form, equipment, support tools and provide services.

- To control the fact activities situation, identity the unsafe factors to contribute idea, advise the mesures to overcome.

- Make “the protection plan” for each department in detail or overall according to the request of customers.

- If customers are interested in the plan of protection, Company will hold a presentation and defend the plan in front of Leadership of Customer.

3.5, Benefits on Image and Brand name:

- Improve Customer’s image with Partners, Customers on the market.


3.6, Security and Internal:

- Strictly security for information on all activities of Customer.

- Protect employee of Customer from threatening and attempt to do harm.


3.7, Benefits on maintaing the internal organization and satisfy to Customer.

- Ensure the employee to strictly comply with The Regulation, Rule of Customer.

- Customers visit in proper place and comply with the regulation.

- Report details of daily book.

3.8.Protect the safety for employee of Customer by action of threatening and terrorism of saboteurs as breaked employee, dismissed employee.



·        Choose professional security employee, or according to the demand of customer.

·        May change or terminate security service through short notice.

·        May increase or decrease service through telephone

·        Not dispute with the employees in company of customer.

·        The rotation of employee may be periodically changed 3 or 6 months in order to prevent the relationship between guardian and employee of customer to ensure safety for the target.

·        Check day and night

·        Guardian is not the local inhabitants

·        Advise on security during working at the target

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